Thursday, May 21, 2009

More Stupid Anti Gun Politicians

I blogged earlier about the stupid politicians who are targeting gun shows at the Cow Palace in the Bay Area. Here is more news on that effort from the San Francisco Examiner. Again, the Examiner's article shows how stupid these anti gun politicians are. According to Michael D. Nevin, former President of the County Board of Supervisors for San Mateo he states, "the Daly City police will tell you it isn’t just the gun show — it’s the illegal guns in and around the property and parking lots." Mr. Nevin, what illegal guns are you talking about? What about the police patrols in and around the property and parking lots? Where is your proof on the so called "illegal" guns? What you are saying is heresay, Mr. Nevin. Did you not know that according to the San Jose Mercury News on April 17, 2009 stated, "to stifle illegal activity, undercover agents with the Department of Justice are at the event, while uniformed Daly City police officers patrol the venue and parking lot." So as I asked Shawn Richards in my previous entry, I ask you Mr. Nevin if you know of any illegal guns in and around the property and parking lots of the Cow Palace during the gun shows? And, if you do are you contacting law enforcement?

The Examiner continues on in the article that states that less
than 2 percent of state prison inmates said they obtained the firearm through a gun show or flea market. The majority of inmates, 80 percent, said they obtained their weapon from family, from friends or illegally on the street. You see you dumb politicians, criminals don't get their weapons from the gun shows. They don't care about all the gun laws. They don't care about laws. That's why they are criminals. Why do you penalize the law abiding gun loving citizen when you should go after those who break the law? I am all in favor of harsher sentencing and penalities for those criminals that use a gun during a crime. Do not equate criminals to those that are legally demonstrating their second amendment rights...and I do stress the word legally. Why don't you illogical politicians create laws that will incarcerate these scum of the earth, good for nothing low lifes, for a long time? Don't these politicians know that the worse place for a criminal to buy a gun is at a gun show? Don't they know that most of these people that attend are law abiding citizens that don't want any low lifes to ruin our second amendment rights and would report criminal activities immediately? Don't these idiotic anti gun nuts know that these gun shows are heavily and strictly regulated by not only state laws but federal laws?

Hey, you stupid politicians, criminals buy their guns on the street where there is no forms to sign, no 10 day waiting period, no criminal background check, no gun safety certification. If I wanted to purchase a gun right now without the hassel of following the law, I'm pretty sure I could get one off the street in the rough parts of town for pretty cheap. However, do I want to do that? Of course not! I am a law abiding citizen and will follow the law of the land and respect it unlike a criminal. So what I ask you dorks is that I not be treated like a criminal and give me the right to defend my self with a gun.

Here's more information from the Examiner:

Where criminals obtain weapons

According to a 1997 survey of state-prison inmates who possessed a gun, the source of the firearm was:

Flea market or gun show

Retail store or pawnshop

From family, friends, street buy or illegal source

Source: U.S. Department of Justice

Friday, May 15, 2009

LAUSD Teachers March and Teacher's Union...What a Joke

As you may already know, there were 46 people arrested today for an illegal protest and blocking traffic at the Los Angeles Unified School District headquarters. They were demonstrating against proposed budget cuts and layoffs. In addition, there were teachers who marched outside of their schools before the start of class in their show of opposition to the proposed cuts.

I would have to say that I do not like to see anyone being laid off or to lose their job because it has happened to me due to economic downturns in the job sectors I previously worked in. However, when there is a downturn and there is no money, something has to give. Do these teachers realize this or are they so stupid that they don't understand? When companies have laid off thousands of employees, when companies such as GM, Ford, and Chrysler are cutting jobs and thousands of dealerships due to the economic downturn, do these teachers think they should be exempt? Do they think that they are entitled to never face a layoff? It is so arrogant of them to think that their crap does not stink and that they should not face any layoff.

I would be more sympathetic to the teachers if their schools had successful graduation rates. However, LAUSD has one of the worst drop out rates in the nation. Not California but the NATION!! In some publications, a school in the LAUSD had a drop out rate of 58%! According to they account for 15% of the state's high school dropouts. So, not only does the teacher's union and some of the teachers in LAUSD feel that they are entitled to not losing their jobs, but they feel that they should not lose their jobs even though they are doing a lousy job!

You know, if I were to protest against my employer I would be fired. If my productivity equated to 50% failure rates on equipment that I fixed, I would be fired. If my employer were to have significant loss of profit and money was tight, I'd probably be let go. Now, add all of the three together and what happens? Any normal, logical thinking person will tell you that you better start looking for a job. Not for the teachers union and those that have demonstrated today. Hmm, it's no wonder that the school district is facing such high dropout rates. These teachers are not normal nor are they logical! Where is the money to pay for all of you going to come from? There is a shortfall on funds you idiotic teachers! Instead of demonstrating and whining about all of this, why don't you and your union come up with a solution and work with the district? But no, that is too logical for you. What more could I expect from a LAUSD teacher. I am so grateful that I do not have to send my child to your schools. You guys are a joke and deserve to lose your jobs. I think LAUSD needs a major spring cleaning and this would be a very convinient time to get rid of the garbage. Such arrogance and stupidity from people who are supposed to teach and shape minds for the future. What a joke.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Do Not Hire Pacific Home Remodeling

Why should you not hire Pacific Home Remodeling? Well, for starters they are very late on their warranty work. They claim to have a great warranty but in reality it would be easier for me to crunch my nuts in a vice than to get these bozos to get any warranty work done in a timely manner.

Case 1: Window has a night latch broken. Time for warranty repair right? Yeah, like a month later after the initial call. And that is after about 5 phone calls to the company.

Case 2: Brand new window would not open or close properly. This window was not even a day old and it was defective. You would think that they would get the window repaired ASAP or even replaced right away. Nope! We had to call the company several times to get this repaired. We even had to contact the sales person to get the ball going.

Case 3: They keep calling for more business. Their telemarketing group keeps calling even though we keep telling them to take us off of their phone list. Do they do it? Of course not.

I really had it with poor customer support from businesses. You would think that with the present economy businesses would provide better customer service instead of a lack of service or attention to detail...especially in the home remodeling sector. Because of the above mentioned cases, I cannot recommend anyone to go with Pacific Home Remodeling. I spent thousands of dollars when I bought my windows and never got great customer satisfaction from them. Do not go with these guys unless you want to deal with headaches of trying to get repairs done on a timely manner, use up your work time during business hours, or waste your break time and lunch hours trying to get them to do warranty repairs.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all you ladies out there that interact with children or people that are young enough to be your child. I'm not excluding mothers out there but I wanted to include women out there who don't have children or have lost children but still have been "mom" like to people who are not their children. I think of those ladies as being very special and that we need to recognize them and wish them a Happy Mother's Day also.

I remember of many ladies in the church I attended while in college who were like a grandma to me. This was comforting due to me losing both grandmothers during that period. It was strange in that I did not share with anyone about my loss but these ladies were able to lift my spirits and made me feel better. Chocolate chip cookies didn't hurt either! I guess they had some sort of extra sense that something was wrong with me and wanted to help.

Writing this entry, I'm thinking about my mom and my grandmother. I miss my mom and wish that I could take her out for dinner. I really haven't been able to celebrate Mother's Day with her since I moved away from home right after high school. It frustrates me at times that I am only able to send a card to her during times like this. Actually, it is my wife that sends the cards, but that's beside the point. Anyways, I also think about my grandmother, my mom's mom. She was quite the lady and always made me laugh. I still remember her telling me to get into Harvard when I was ready for college. I still remember the advice she gave me and it has been the best advice anyone has given. She told me to be the best you can be. "Be the best in everything you do. If you become a doctor, be the best doctor. If you become a lawyer, be the best. If you be a bank robber, be the best. Never do a mediocre job because anyone can be mediocre without any effort. Always strive and work to be above the rest." Well, I'm hoping that I'm following her advice. I try to never settle for good enough and always give it my best in what I do. Thanks Grandma for that advice!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Meet Mr. Odo

I forgot to mention to you my favorite cat in the world...Odo. Here he is doing what he does best.

I was not a huge cat fan before I met Odo. I was a big dog fan since I grew up with dogs and never owned a cat. I did help take care of my neighbor's cat growing up. It would come by the house every morning and we would give the cat some food but other than that I really didn't interact much with cats.

Odo is actually my wife's cat but now he is my buddy and constant companion when I'm home. As you can see he really likes my guitar case. He actually fell asleep while I played my guitar. Either he thought my playing was soothing or he thought I played crappy. I'm hoping for the latter.

Right now, he is my baby and I love to spoil him. He gets cat treats every morning and gets constantly petted and rubbed. He is such as great cat and is so mellow. He's also a big boy like his owner. He just got weighed in at 16.3 lbs. I guess he's a little rotund for a cat but hey, he's living the good life. I think he's better looking than Garfield!

He has one nasty habit. He loves to drink water from the toilet bowl. Of course the bowl is empty except for water. I don't know how he got that habit. Anyways, I've bought him a fancy water bowl complete with filtration system, hoping that he would stop drinking from the toilet and use this new water bowl. Nope. He prefers the toilet! I finally got him to stop using the toilet water bowl by providing him with a couple of stainless steel bowls. I guess he likes them deep bowls!

A very strange thing that Odo does is that he will come into the bathroom while I am on the throne doing my kingly duties or shall I say poopies...Anyways, he always wants me to pet him and rub behind his ears. When he's had enough, he would then lie on the bath rug and wait for me to finish my job, paperwork and all. He would then get up and peer into the bowl to watch the contents go down the drain. What a strange cat but I love him!

What's Up with Asian Drivers?

I'm pretty sure you have heard about the stereotype of Asian drivers. Well, I for one can attest that it is not a myth but a fact. I should know because I am of the Asian persuasion. Ok, I'm not trying to incriminate myself or implying that I am a bad driver. Absolute far from the truth! Alright, so I got into a few minor collisions...I can't help that the other car magically appeared in front of me at a standstill while I was still moving...forward and...well the rest is history.

What I am talking about is those other lousy Asian drivers. No, not me...those other people. Just today while doing a bunch of errands I witnessed several crazy drivers where they almost collided into my car. I swear that I was not driving erratically nor was I driving haphazardly. Within a mile of driving in a heavily Asian populated area of the San Gabriel valley, I witnessed at least 5 different traffic violations.

The other day, my wife got rear ended on the freeway on her way to work. During our phone conversation about he accident I told her, "I bet it was an Asian driver that hit you." Sure enough I was right.

What is it about Asian drivers? I know here in Southern California we have this problem. Does it exist in other parts of the world? I know that it really isn't a problem in Hawaii where I grew up but I'm getting my fair exposure of it here in California. Let me know of your insight and comments about this.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Awesome Rib Roast Recipe

Ever have a craving for a nice, juicy, savory slice of prime rib? (Ok, vegetarians are not allowed in this discussion. This is only for carnivores!)

Here is a link for an awesome prime rib roast recipe. Click Here.

I tried this recipe last New Years Day and it was a hit. Follow the temperature settings and you will be set. I actually made a slight adjustment on the temperature. I set my target for my roast to be on the rare side and stopped the roasting process when it read 117 degrees. The internal meat temperature will continue to climb to around 125. Also, I figured that if anyone wanted their meat cooked more I could pan fry it to their desired doneness.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Anti Gun Crap

I really have not been political in my blog before but I am starting to get fed up with the crap that anti gunners have been saying. The anti gun lobby is just talking out of their rears. The anti gun politicians are trying to pass laws restricting the right to bear arms all in the name of public safety and crime reduction. That is a crock of crap.

These people do not realize that the law abiding citizen will follow all the laws of the land. Meanwhile, criminals, those who break the law, could care less about any gun laws. For instance, current California law restricts me from obtaining a gun that can be loaded with more than 10 rounds in its magazine. Now a criminal will not care about this law. If the criminal is a convicted felon, it is already illegal for the scumbag to carry a gun let alone having more than 10 rounds in the magazine. All of these stupid laws restrict the law abiding citizen. It will not deter any criminals from breaking any gun laws. Want to lower crime, then empower the law abiding citizen to be able to arm themselves. Look at other states where they have more sympathetic gun laws than the socialist republic of California. Their crime rates are much lower. Do you know why? The scum of the earth don't know who is armed and who is not. Criminal scum want the easy prey to victimize and not those who will resist or get them killed.

A recent online article from the San Jose Mercury News about California Senate Bill 585 exposes the blatant lies these anti second ammendment politicians use to further their illogical and idiotic agenda. The article states that "On Monday, a 16-year-old boy was shot eight times at the Sunnydale project. He lay there dead for four hours until emergency responders arrived, said Shawn Richard, founder of Brothers Against Guns." What relevance does that have to do with a gun show in the neighborhood. The question is why did it take four hours for emergency responders to arrive? Maybe the politicians should focus on getting more police and other emergency response units stationed in the area. Maybe they should look at improving the school system or job opportunities in the area. The area around the Cow Palace has always been a lower income, crime filled area. It has nothing to do with a gun show at the location and the politicians know it.

Shawn Richard continues in the article to say that
he has seen young people buy weapons at the Cow Palace during gun shows and then illegally sell them in surrounding neighborhoods. "I know them personally," Richard said. "You have people working illegally (at the shows); individuals that play a part in getting those guns through." Ok Mr. Richard, why didn't you call the police about the illegal selling of firearms? If you personally know them, why haven't you done your part as a law abiding citizen to see that the law is followed? What proof do you have Mr. Richard about these people working illegally? Sounds more like heresay than actual evidence. If it were me, I would contact the police right away if I knew of any illegal activities but I wonder why Mr. Richard did not? According to the article there were uniformed police officers patrolling the venue and parking lot as well as undercover agents with the Department of Justice covering the event to stop any illegal activity.

Another great example of our gun laws in California was the incident where four Oakland police officers were killed by a convicted felon using an pistol and rifle. The felon, Lovelle Mixon, had been convicted of assault with a firearm during an armed robbery. He was also found to be in connection to a rape of a 12 year old girl. It seems that the gun law of making it illegal for a convicted felon to own or posses a firearm really detered the scum from having not just one gun, but two. After this incident, the feel good politicians started up their anti gun rhetoric saying that they need more gun control. When are these people going to stop with their nonsense agenda? Do they not realize that criminals do not follow laws. That's why they are criminals. Instead, these politicians should focus on stricter sentencing laws and make these criminals do hard time or even throw away the key if they use a gun during a crime. Punish the criminals and not the law abiding citizens. Open your eyes politicians!

Been Away Much Too Long, So Many Changes

Well, it certainly has been a long time since I last blogged. I am finding it difficult to find time to many other responsibilities and priorities, like marriage, a job...oh well. I guess my last blog was in 2007. Hehe, of course so many things have changed.


Quit job, got a new job, and biggest one...a baby on its way.